Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy is a four-month community leadership program that prepares, challenges, and engages emerging and existing leaders to strengthen the community. Participants are exposed to the larger community, exploring the public/city government sector, private business sectors, and not-for-profit organizations that play a role in building a strong community.

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The Valpo Chamber Leadership Academy provides a growing leadership pool of willing and able leaders for current and future civic, charitable, and governmental organizations in Valparaiso.


The Valpo Chamber Leadership Academy encourages individuals to be trustees of their community — to work for the common good — and to become a leader for the entire community. The program uniquely focuses on connection and engagement in community service - specifically, leadership roles.

The Valpo Chamber Leadership Academy complements other leadership organizations with a focus on the skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective leader in the community; for example, expectations of board service, governance, understanding financial statements, fundraising, ethics, accountability, and time management.

At the end of the Academy program, participants are expected to become continually, substantively, and actively engaged within community organizations in leadership roles.

The Valpo Chamber Leadership Academy brought me together with many of the important leaders in our community within the public, private, and non-profit sectors. I was able to connect with these individuals face to face and really find the right ‘fit’ for my desire to serve the community. The Leadership Academy is such an asset for the new leaders of the community.
Vanessa Schnell, Leadership Academy Class of 2008
Vogelsang Asset Management LLC

Participating in and graduating from the Valpo Chamber Leadership Academy is a great experience. The process of introducing new people, learning about the community, and making a decision in which sector you have a passion to help is what makes me grateful for attending it. Presently, I serve on the Board of the Macedonian Church. My further plans are to serve one of the not-for-profit organizations.
Aco Sikoski, Leadership Academy Class 2008
Ivy Tech Community College

Benefits of Leadership Academy

Whether you are new to that area or not, Leadership Academy participants will build a better understanding of the nature of community leadership and open new doors to opportunities within our community.


  • Develop valuable contacts and communication networks within the community
  • Discover Valparaiso in a new way through panel discussions and conversations with local leaders
  • Gain awareness of critical issues facing the community today and into the future


  • Develop individual and organizational problem-solving skills
  • Discover leadership development networks, collaborations, and valuable community resources
  • Build confidence and motivation to become actively involved in the community


  • Connect with current community leaders/mentors who share their experiences of community leadership
  • Build peer networks
  • Become continually, substantively, and actively engaged within community organizations in leadership roles

Interested in sponsoring the Leadership Academy?

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