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For use in the Valpo Chamber Membership Directory and Community Resource Guide annual printed publication AND the Chamber web site membership directory. Please choose the business category which most accurately describes your business. Additional categories may be purchased for a $50 each.

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 Expand networking opportunities
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 Create visibility
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 Cost-effective business development programs
 Improve quality of life in Valparaiso
 Enhance credibility and corporate identity
 Cost-effective leadership and professional development programs

2020 Membership Investment Schedule

Annual investment:
Your membership investment is based on the number of full-time employees in your company, including management/owner. Count two part-time employees as one. Do not count seasonal employees. (Rates good through November 17, 2020)

  • 1-3: $379
  • 4-10: $550
  • 11-20: $720
  • 21-40 $1,051
  • 41-80: $1,712
  • 81-150: $2,477
  • 151-225: $2,913
  • 226-300 $3,362
  • over 300: $3,649

Special membership types: The majority of members will choose one of the options above. However, you may select one of the options below instead if you qualify.

Non-profit: $231
Any 501c(3) organization, school, church, governmental agency, etc. that derives 60% or more of its funding from public funds (government, tax dollars) or United Way, or Porter County Community Foundation, or any combination thereof, is eligible for the not-for-profit membership rate. Some not-for-profits have elected to pay a business membership investment.

Associate: $156
Any contracted or commissioned employee of a member business or organization that does not consider that employee as part of their employee count for the purpose of assessing investment may join under this category. The Employer must be an active (paid) member in good standing. Examples include, but are not limited to, real estate agents, financial planners, insurance agents, etc.

Civic: $156
Memberships are also extended to an individual who is not actively employed, connected or involvedwith a local business, nor serves as a vendor or provider to local businesses. Civic members will be listed by individual name and the category will be “Civic Membership” for the Membership Directory and Resource Guide and the Chamber website. Examples include, but are not limited to, retired professionals, full-time students, and local residents.

Subsidiary: $97
Members may be eligible for a discounted, subsidiary membership in the Chamber, provided all of the following criteria are met: If two or more separated legal entities (and specifically not divisions of the same company) which share in common a person, partnership, corporation or limited liability company who/which directly owns 80% or more of the interest in each entity, the membership fee for the entities will be calculated as follows: The entity having the greater number of employees must obtain or maintain a primary membership based on the membership fee schedule.

The subsidiary business must have five or fewer employees to qualify for a subsidiary membership rate.

Number of employees:

Full Time
Part Time
Membership Type:
 Standard (dues based on number of employees)
 Non-profit: $231
 Associate: $156
 Civic: $156
 Subsidiary: $97

Application Fee: $35

Pro-rated Investment:
Businesses who join during the year are required to pay the full year investment upon submission and approval of their membership application. The following year, the Membership Investment is prorated based upon "actual" months of membership during the first year. All members are invoiced in November with payment due in full the first of January.

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