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FAQs About Valpo Chamber

What is the Greater Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce?

The Greater Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce, also commonly known as the Valpo Chamber, is Porter County’s largest business membership organization made up of nearly 700 business members. The Chamber has represented the interests of the local business community since 1912.

An advocate for its broad and diverse member businesses, the Chamber leverages and enhances members' talents and resources to create a climate of growth and success in the community. Through leadership opportunities, volunteer efforts, and business-building programs focused on critical business, civic and social priorities, the Chamber improves the economic vitality and quality of life for its members and community.

The mission of the Valpo Chamber is to serve the needs of all our members and ensuring the quality of life in the greater Valparaiso community by providing the highest quality information, advocacy, networking opportunities, and member services.

Physical Address: 162 W. Lincolnway, Valparaiso, IN 46383
Mailing Address:  PO Box 330, Valparaiso, IN 46384-0330

Phone:  219-462-1105


Hours of Operation:  8:00 am – 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday

What does the Valpo Chamber do?

The Valpo Chamber is the voice of business and the visionary organization in Valparaiso. The Chamber works to create value-added membership opportunities and a business climate that attracts new businesses and enhances growth and expansion opportunities for existing businesses. We set up environments for business people to network and collaborate with one another. We provide marketing opportunities that help raise visibility of member businesses.

Is the Chamber a government entity?

No. The Valpo Chamber is a non-profit corporation that raises funds independently.

How many members does the Valpo Chamber have?

Numbers of members vary on a monthly basis. The Valpo Chamber typically has between 650 and 700 members at any given time.

How many members does the Valpo Chamber have on its Board of Directors?

The Valpo Chamber has 25 board members.  More about Chamber Leadership

How can I stay informed on what's happening at the Chamber?

The Chamber has a variety of communication tools designed to keep members informed about what's going on in and around the Chamber and the business community. All members receive the monthly online newsletter. Additionally, the Chamber's website will tell you everything you want to know. Chamber staff members also e-mail notices about what's going on each week.

Does the Chamber have publications that can be of use to my business?

The Chamber publishes its annual Membership Directory & Community Resource Guide, which includes an alphabetical and categorical roster of all Chamber members, plus useful community and relocation information; the Valparaiso Magazine, a unique, personal news and information source about people, business, and lifestyle activities in Valparaiso; and the Valparaiso City Map, the only comprehensive street map for Valparaiso.

FAQs About Joining

How much does it cost to join the Valpo Chamber?

The Chamber calculates each member’s dues to correlate with the company’s employee count. For more complete information, contact the Chamber at (219) 462-1105.

How do I join the Valpo Chamber?

I am having a problem with ABC Company. Can you help me?

The Better Business Bureau of Northwest Indiana can help you. Contact that office at (219) 791-9550 or (800) 552-4631.

What kinds of businesses and organizations join the Chamber?

Businesses of every size and industry, as well as trade and professional associations join the Chamber. Special rates apply to non-profits and business owners with more than one business. 

My business is not located in Valparaiso. Why should I join the Valpo Chamber?

You do not need to have a Valparaiso mailing address in order to qualify for membership. If you conduct business in Valparaiso, you should strongly consider a membership in the Valpo Chamber.  Many businesses are even members of more than one local Chamber.

Who can become a member of the Valpo Chamber?

The Chamber welcomes any small, medium or large local, regional, national or international business.

Why should I join the Valpo Chamber?

The Valpo Chamber supports and serves businesses throughout the greater Valparaiso area. The Chamber connects members to important community issues, and provides unique opportunities for individuals and businesses to connect with one another. Learn more about the benefits of Chamber membership

FAQs About Chamber Events

How do I find out about Valpo Chamber events?

Chamber events are listed on the website. You can view a complete list of Chamber events, or check out this month's events on the Chamber calendar.

Can I bring an associate to the event at the member price?

Yes.  We encourage members to bring a guest to any event.   Attending an event is a great way to discover the value of chamber membership.  Non-members/guests qualify for only one event discount, which you can arrange by calling the chamber office at (219) 462-1105. If your guest chooses to join the chamber, they will be able to enjoy the member discounted rates all of the time.

Can non-members attend Chamber events?

Yes.  However, non-members typically pay a higher registration fee to attend.

FAQs About Chamber Opportunities

How can I use the Chamber to market my business?

The Chamber offers comprehensive marketing benefits within our publications, website, email blasts, programs, and special events that can help your company achieve multiple objectives. We help companies increase their visibility within the Chamber membership and the Valparaiso business community stand out from the competition through exclusive sponsorship opportunities, promotions and merchandising opportunities, entertain valued clients at prestigious events, and drive sales.

Through the Chamber, you'll reach Valparaiso businesses of all sizes and from every industry group.

What is the best way to use the Chamber to build my business network?

Your Chamber membership can be compared to a gym membership: The more effort you devote to it, the more value you will realize for your efforts. The best way to build your business network is to develop relationships with other Chamber members. All Chamber programs are designed to give you an opportunity to make new contacts and strengthen existing relationships. The more events you attend and the more actively you participate, the better your network will grow.

We produce a number of events that are specifically designed for networking, such as Business After Hours, A.M. Valpo, Speed Networking, and Chamber Network Night. Another way to build your network is by volunteering to join a committee. This is an opportunity to increase your visibility and demonstrate your professionalism and expertise.

How do I use the Chamber for business leads and referrals?

As you attend Chamber events and programs and expand your network, you will have access to people who are in a position to provide you with business leads. Developing strong business relationships is an excellent means of building your business.  The Chamber only makes referrals to member businesses, and each is documented in our database.  You will receive a postcard notification any time we refer your business.

How can I stay informed on legislative and community issues that affect my business?

The Chamber provides several vehicles to keep members “in the know.”   Information about our programs, our involvement with various community forums and our relationship with City Hall is disseminated through the Chamber's monthly online newsletter. Every newsletter is designed to bring you important business information.  We also host monthly Legislative Forums/Hotlines in our office.

More FAQs

How can I get a map of Valparaiso?

Stop by our office at 162 W Lincolnway or call (219) 462-1105 for a Valparaiso City map.

I am looking for Valparaiso relocation information.

We’re glad to know you’re interested in our great city.  For more information call the Valpo Chamber at (219) 462-1105, or request a Newcomer's Packet.

How can I be sure the Chamber is helping my business?

There are many activities and programs the Chamber is involved in that directly or indirectly help local businesses. For example, the Chamber monitors local, state and federal legislation that concerns businesses and advocates for pro-business legislation. The Chamber also participates in a region-wide monthly conference call when our state legislators are in session. In addition, the Chamber is able to mobilize a large number of local business people to attend City Council meetings and voice their opinions when there are agenda items that concern businesses.

Most businesses are too small to carry much weight, and may not have the time to talk with local and state government officials about issues that concern them. By representing local businesses, the Chamber is able to strengthen everyone’s voice and work towards creating a business environment that is conducive to growth. But the best way to know how the Chamber is helping your business is to call us and ask!

Where do I get job listings?

Jobs available through Valpo Chamber members are posted online. View job postings

How do I get assistance with a startup business?

Please visit our Resources section to view the many agencies that offer small business help.

How do I find out if a business is a Valpo Chamber member?

Please check our Membership Directory.  You may browse by company name or business category. You may also call the Chamber at (219) 462-1105.

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